not looking for miracles

Hayleen Garcia / 19 / Venezuela
multifandom; medical student
I'm a very tiny person full of doubts

it is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities

This was the greatest moment ever.

supernatural + everyone is a lady, inspired by (x)

I’m sort of like a T-Rex in the world of female actresses. Every time a job is finished, I look at my car and think, 'Could I live in it?'

"If you ask my family they would say I have loved performing my whole life. I anticipated taking an academic route with my life. I was really interested in psychology. I don’t come from a family of performers - I have an artistic family - but they aren’t performers. I never really thought about acting, I always wanted a trade. I realise now acting can be a trade. It can be work."

I’m really not good at social media. I think this goes back to my high school days—I feel really awkward! I don’t know where I fit in in the Twitter-sphere of things. I don’t feel like people care what I’ve just eaten for dinner because I don’t really think I’m that special. I do really like to tweet about things that I think are really important to me or things that I want to share that inspire me because I think that’s great. I’m lucky that I have a platform to do it.

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